New Entrance Open

New Entrance Open

The new entrance to the marina is almost finished. The guards have moved into the new guard shack, but we won’t operate the gates just yet so everyone has time to adjust to the new location. Once we begin normal operations, the gates will remain closed during the day, so anyone without a pass will have to check in with the guards to gain access to the marina. The new entrance could have opened earlier this summer, but we felt it was better to wait until after Labor Day rather than attempting mid-season.

The new entrance layout will allow Tenants to enter separately from Visitors. Tenants with a gate pass will use the center lane to bypass the guard shack. The pass is a proximity sensor that sticks to the exterior of the vehicle that will open the gate automatically. The cost of the gate pass will be $10.00 per pass. *Those that have an old gate pass (looks like a credit card) for the old gate can turn those in for $20.00 credit per pass on their account.* The pass will open the main gate and the gate leading to the new trailer storage lot. All passes will open the main gate, but only those that lease a space in the new lot will be able to access that gate.

**Do Not Tailgate through the gates. They are designed to immediately close after a car passes through. If a visitor tries to tailgate a tenant with a pass, the visitor’s car will leave with a dented hood. And no, we will not pay to repair the dent!

All Visitors (and any tenants that do not purchase a pass) will enter the marina by using the right lane to check in with the guard. Visitors MUST know the name and slip # of the tenant they wish to visit.

The launch ramps will be closed to the public on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through the summer season. If you would rather wait to see how the line is on weekends, you can always request a gate pass at a later date.

The Exit gate will open as you approach it, no pass is needed to leave the marina.

There is also a call box on the Visitor entrance side. You will be able to contact the guards if they are on their rounds.

We will begin contacting tenants (a few docks at a time) to set up passes. We have a lot of tenants, so please be patient with us. As each dock is contacted, we will give instructions on how to get a pass, etc.